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Top Minnesota Fishing Lakes

Lake Mille Lacs

Lake Of The Woods

Lake Minnetonka

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Rainy Lake

Leech Lake

Lake Vermilion

Brainerd Lakes Area

Lake Superior

Lake Winnibigoshish

Detroit Lake

Upper Red Lake

Whitefish Chain

Kabetogama Lake

Cass Lake

Crane Lake

Gull Lake

Big Stone Lake

Namakan Lake

Woman Lake

Lake Miltona

White Bear Lake

Lake Osakis

Pokegama Lake

Otter Tail Lake

Lake Traverse

Lake Waconia



Welcome to Minnesota Lakes
Minnesota Fishing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

Minnesota Lakes are famous for Outstanding Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie, and Bass Fishing.   Find detailed information on Minnesota Fishing, Minnesota Fishing Resorts, Minnesota Fishing Guides, Lake Maps, Boat Ramps, Fishing Lodges, Minnesota Fishing Reports and More.


The State of Minnesota is home to over 10,000 Lakes, so if you enjoy Fishing, Boating, and Water Sports, MN is an excellent vacation destination.  Minnesota is known for great Walleye Fishing, Northern Pike Fishing, Muskie Fishing, and Bass Fishing.  With incredible Fishing Lakes like:  Lake of the Woods, Lake Vermilion, Lake Mille Lacs, Leech Lake, and the BWCA, you are sure to catch your fishing limit on these and most Minnesota Lakes.  Make sure you spend some time at one of our many great Minnesota Resorts and Minnesota Campgrounds, which are perfect for both Fishing and Family vacations.  There is also beautiful Minnesota Lake Property for sale throughout the State, so you can find your dream Lake Home.

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Minnesota Fishing Map


Minnesota Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleye are the most sought-after fish in Minnesota Lakes, especially when they are biting during the warm MN summer months.  Here are a few places to try for successful Walleye fishing on Minnesota Lakes:

1. Weed Edges - Walleyes love the fringes of weed beds.  They nestle in the deep edges where cover is good, access to deeper water is close, and baitfish are abundant.  Back-troll slowly, right next to the weeds, with a slip-sinker rig and weedless hook and leech, nightcrawler or fathead.

2. Weed Beds - Walleyes tend to like beds of cabbage and light coontail because food - in the form of small perch and bluegills - abounds here.  Drift slowly, pulling a slip-bobber rig baited with a 3-4 inch sucker minnow set to brush along the weed tops.

3. Lily Pad Margins - Lily pads often edge up to relatively deep water of 6-10 feet, and walleye will cruise these food-rich edges at any time of the day.  Use your trolling motor to inch along, vertically jigging minnow baits as you go.  Work right next to the pads and down any adjacent drop-off.

4. Deep Water - In deep Minnesota Lakes, walleyes tend to suspend in open water over the main basin, hanging 25-30 feet down over much deeper water.  They hold here for comfortable temps and plenty of food.  Cover water by trolling with heavy gear and your deepest-diving cranks.

5. High Noon - This technique relates to timing more than location.  In dark or stained water, walleyes often feed at midday.  Take this moment to fish the standard drop-offs and humps as you would in the evening - with slip sinker or slip bobber rigs.

6. Wind-Blown Shorelines - Strong breezes push baitfish against wind-ward shores.  Cast plugs and crankbaits, or troll shallow- to medium-running minnowbaits parallel to the shore.  Vary your course, using an in-and-out or S pattern to find fish.
Top 5 Minnesota Walleye Fishing Lakes

Lake of the Woods

Lake Mille Lacs

Lake Vermilion

Lake Winnibigoshish

Rainy Lake


Minnesota Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips


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Largemouth Bass are found in most Minnesota Lakes and can be challenging to catch.  Here are a few tips for successful Largemouth Bass fishing throughout the day on Minnesota Lakes:

Morning - Run your lure near any cover adjacent to deep water, including submerged grass, windfalls, rocky points, rocky banks, and boat docks.  Retrieve the buzzbait just fast enough to keep the blade sputtering at the surface.

Midday - Sunlight pushes shallow bass deep into the shade under windfalls, docks, matted grass, and other cover.  Pick these spots apart with short, accurate flips and pitches.  Take your time and hit every dark spot from different angles.  Bass in deeper waters move tight to grass edges, stumps, brushpiles, and other underwater structure.

Nighttime - Bass are on the prowl now, so slow-roll a large black spinnerbait dressed with a small plastic chunk over submerged grass and along grassline edges.  If there is no grass on the lake, work the spinnerbait over main-lake points by repeatedly ripping it 3 feet off the bottom and letting it flutter down.  You can easily fish to depths of 25 feet or more.  This tactic is especially good in clear, rock Minnesota Lakes.


Minnesota Muskie Fishing


Muskies have to eat 4-5 times per day during the MN summer months because they burn so much energy in the warm water.  This gives anglers more chances to catch them feeding.  When your fishing for muskie in the summer, think speed.  Blow lures past fish.

Minnesota Fishing Reports

Minnesota Crappie Fishing


Minnesota Lakes and Rivers contain many crappie fishing hot spots. Here are a few places to try for successful crappie fishing:
1. Points - An excellent spot year-round as points serve as pathways for fish moving back and forth between shallow and deep water.
2. Shallow Ledges - Look for shallow ledges, cuts, shallow ditches, and gullies often found near bankside bluffs or close to coves and bays.
3. Beaver Lodges - Most big crappie will be on the outer edge of the lodge where the sticks disappear into the deeper water.
4. Flooded Trees - When fishing rivers you will alway find crappie holding around inundated and floating trees.
5. Humps - The best humps are 5-20 feet from the surface and have substantial deep water around them. Humps with timber, brush, rocks, or other cover are very productive.

Minnesota Walleye Fishing
The Walleye is without question the most sought after fish in Minnesota Lakes. It's the eyes of the Walleye that help fit the fish into its unique niche, and determine so much of how the fish reacts. Their unusual construction allows Walleyes to see well during low-light periods. Even though Walleyes can feed very effectively in the dead of night or in the light of day, they feed most efficiently at twilight, when prey is still active but their ability to see is diminishing rapidly. The Walleye is often considered primarily a "twilight feeder" in Minnesota Lakes.
Minnesota Lakes State Parks

Minnesota has many State Parks located along the shores of beautiful Lakes and Rivers, here are some of the Top State Parks in Minnesota for lakeside camping, fishing, and recreation.
Afton State Park
Bear Head Lake State Park
Big Stone Lake State Park
Cascade River State Park
Charles A. Lindberg State Park
Crow Wing State Park
Cayuna Country State Recreation Area
Father Hennepin State Park
Franz Jevne State Park
Garden Island State Recreation Area
Gooseberry Falls State Park
Interstate State Park
Itasca State Park
Lake Bemidji State Park
Lake Carlos State Park
Lake Shetek State Park
McCarthy Beach State Park
Monson Lake State Park
Moose Lake State Park
St. Croix State Park
Sakatah Lake State Park
Scenic State Park
Sibley State Park
Split Rock Creek State Park
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
Temperance River State Park
Tettegouche State Park
Whitewater State Park
William O'Brien State Park
Zippel Bay State Park

Help Protect Minnesota Lakes From The Spread Of Invasive Species

Minnesota Lakes are being threatened by aquatic invasive species.  It is illegal to transport any aquatic plants, zebra mussels, or any other prohibited invasive species.


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